Exciting News from Department 56!

Exciting News from Department 56!

It's Easter in Snow Village!

by Deanna Pietrzak on 02/11/19

Easter in Snow Village has never looked so sweet! 

This three-piece, Easter Sweets House set includes two accessories... Easter Egg Hunt and the colorful Bunny Fence! Enhance your Easter display by adding real jelly beans to Department 56's Winter Birch Tree (not included).  

Easter Sweets House is a perfect addition to your springtime display... hop on in and claim yours today!!!

We've Added Items to Our Dept 56 Clearance Area!

by Deanna Pietrzak on 01/22/19

It's 2019 and time to sort out the old from the new! So, with that in mind, we've added more lighted villages and accessories to our Department 56 clearance area! You'll also find an abundant selection of vintage Department 56 lighted villages and accessories in our clearance area...all marked at 50% off or more!

Be among the first to choose from the latest bargain-priced Department 56 collectibles at The Village Shoppes! It's a great time to expand your Department 56 collection...and save!

Start Out the New Year with Our Newest Dept 56 Collection!

by Deanna Pietrzak on 12/11/18

"It does not do well to dwell on dreams and forget to live." ~Albus Dumbledore 

If you've dreamed of owning the Department 56 Harry Potter collection, there's no better time than now to turn that dream into a reality! 

Follow our Department 56 Collection Specialist, Deanna Pietrzak, on Snapchat at "villageshoppes" where you'll be among the first to know about Department 56 new releases, retirements, and special events!

New! Limited Edition Pieces in the Snow Village Collection!

by Deanna Pietrzak on 11/12/18

The newest addition in the Snow Village Collection, "B Sweet Shop", is a limited edition boxed set designed as a tribute to Ed Bazinet, the founder of Department 56. 

One of Ed's dream was to open a fine candy shop in New York City. To commemorate that wish, this limited edition, 3-piece, boxed set includes the only accessory to ever intentionally depict the founder of Department 56. Limited to 1,976 hand-numbered pieces in honor of the year Department 56 was established, no Snow Village collection will be complete without this set.

Creative minds never stop imagining and Ed was no exception to that. Today, his determination for the best continues to inspire the Department 56 team...the stewards who hold the legacy Ed leaves behind.

Welcoming Christmas Holiday Gift Sets

by Deanna Pietrzak on 10/09/18

Department 56's "Welcoming Christmas" holiday gift sets depict a wonderful old-world tradition of leaving a candle in the window as a welcome sign. The soft glow illuminating a frosty pane acts as a beacon, a gentle signal that says, "We're waiting for you". Come and celebrate with Department 56 as the Holiday Tradition continues!

Snow Village:
Harking on traditions from the past, warm candelit windows welcome friends and loved ones and announce that this home is ready for the holidays! The family heads outside with candles in hand to illuminate their way...it's a perfect evening for the fun-filled tradition of caroling around the neighborhood!

North Pole:
One of the most popular places to stay when visiting North Pole is the Candle-Light Inn. Every evening the elves are busy lighting candles in each window to welcome guests. The giant candle outside the Inn serves as a beacon to guide travelers coming from afar. Don't delay to book your stay...vacancies are filling up fast!

Dickens' Village:
It's Christmas in merry old England and the Coaching House is welcoming guests during the holidays! The young horse handler pauses to light the roadside lantern, alerting travelers that there is still room in the inn. Stop by to warm up, enjoy a hearty meal, and have a good night's rest at this sweet and cozy inn.

"You're a candle in the window on a cold, dark, winter's night." ~ REO Speedwagon

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