New! Limited Edition Pieces in the Snow Village Collection! : Exciting News from Department 56!

New! Limited Edition Pieces in the Snow Village Collection!

by Deanna Pietrzak on 11/12/18

The newest addition in the Snow Village Collection, "B Sweet Shop", is a limited edition boxed set designed as a tribute to Ed Bazinet, the founder of Department 56. 

One of Ed's dream was to open a fine candy shop in New York City. To commemorate that wish, this limited edition, 3-piece, boxed set includes the only accessory to ever intentionally depict the founder of Department 56. Limited to 1,976 hand-numbered pieces in honor of the year Department 56 was established, no Snow Village collection will be complete without this set.

Creative minds never stop imagining and Ed was no exception to that. Today, his determination for the best continues to inspire the Department 56 team...the stewards who hold the legacy Ed leaves behind.

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