Extra! Extra! Read All About It! : Exciting News from Department 56!

Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

by Deanna Pietrzak on 03/18/19

The Village Shoppes are delighted to announce that we have the 2019 Department 56 annual catalog in stock...and it's FREE! It's chock-full of exciting, new Department 56 introductions that you're going to want to preorder with us, ensuring that your collection is complete!  

New this year are additions from DC comics including the Daily Planet building! 

The most popular newspaper in Metropolis is based in this impressive skyscraper, topped with the infamous golden globe. Circling overhead (and faster than a speeding bullet) is neither bird nor plane, but Superman!  The mighty Man of Steel is always close at hand to keep  a watchful eye on the Daily Planet, his alter ego's coworkers, and all of Metropolis!

In another city not far away stands this majestic stone manor.

This not-so-humble abode is home to the city's most famous socialite, billionaire Bruce Wayne, or as the criminals of the dark and seedy underbelly of  Gotham know him, Batman. When the Bat Signal appears in the sky, the Dark Knight pulls his Batmobile out of the Batcave and heads to work! 

These new additions to Department 56 conjure up childhood memories of a simpler time when one's imagination turned anyone or anything into a villain or a super hero. Don't miss out on the excitement...order yours today!

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