Exciting News from Department 56!

Exciting News from Department 56!

See What's New for Dept. 56 in 2018!

by Deanna Pietrzak on 01/23/18

Hello Fellow Villagers!

I have so much to tell you about the new products for Dept 56 villages! Here are some key things to look forward to in 2018: numbered limited editions, more boxed sets, Norman Rockwell inspired pieces for Snow Village, and the new "Silver Series"...boxed sets for the Dickens' Village and North Pole collections that will retail for only $64.00!

A couple more houses and accessories have been added to the Margaritaville collection including the Volcano Club and the Flip Flop Repair Shop.

The Singer Building is being released in the Christmas in the City collection as well as another Frank Lloyd Wright house.

There is so much more to share with you, but you'll just have to come into the store to see it all! The new items will start to arrive at the end of March, but the 2018 Dept. 56 catalogs are available now! Come in and get your copy and place an order today!

See you soon,

Dept. 56 Makes Christmas Shopping Easy!

by Deanna Pietrzak on 11/28/17

Happy Holidays!

Only 25 days until Christmas! So many things to do...put up the tree, decorate the house, bake the cookies, shopping for gifts, wrapping the gifts. Goodness, are you as frazzled as I am?!  I think the hardest part of Christmas shopping is deciding what gift you're going to buy for whom. How about a piece or two from our Department 56 lighted village collection?!

This year, Department 56 introduced a few boxed sets. They include the building, accessory, sisal tree and a bag of snow. What a perfect gift...it’s one-stop-shopping! Snow Village has two boxed sets including the "Golden Cross Church".

The Dickens and the North Pole Villages also have boxed sets. There is also the American Gothic from the Art and Architecture Series. It comes with a lighted house and the accessory piece.
The artist was possibly motivated by the famous American painting “American Gothic”.

If you're looking for a great "guy" gift, there's the Jack Daniel’s Village.

There are so many great Department 56 villages and accessory pieces to choose from, you'll be able to find something for everyone on your list!

Merry Christmas fellow Villagers!

Holiday Displays

by Deanna Pietrzak on 11/28/17

It’s that special time of the year again to start decorating your home for the holidays. Whether you're trimming the tree, hanging a wreath on the front door, or decorating the fireplace mantle, consider accentuating your decor with Department 56 lighted villages and accessories!

You will be reminded of midnight mass on Christmas Eve whether you're displaying the modest Holy Family Church from the Snow Village collection or the grand Cathedral of St. Nicholas from the Christmas in the City collection, both with soft lights streaming through their stained glass windows.

Peek thru the window of the "Home for the Holidays" house from the North Pole collection and you'll see a comfy room with a warm fire awaiting Santa's return. Look even closer and you'll discover a lighted village displayed on the mantel!

Regardless of the Department 56 lighted villages and accessories you choose, your display will create warm smiles and cherished memories!

Scary Accessories!

by Deanna Pietrzak on 11/28/17

Halloween is coming!

Frightfully fun and impressively detailed, Department 56's Halloween Village will give you shivers of excitement. Add some frightening accessories to bring your Halloween Village alive with excitement.

The Witch's Hollow is a perfect addition to your Department 56 Halloween village. The witches are casting spells and making potions. I dare you to fly in to The Village Shoppes to check out this scary accessory...if you're not afraid!

Novice Blogger

by Deanna Pietrzak on 11/28/17

Here I am, entering the world of blogging.

So, let me introduce myself and tell you a few exciting things about me. No worries, this won’t take long. My name is Deanna Pietrzak and I am the Department 56 Collection Specialist here at The Village Shoppes. I have worked at the store for ten years and have been in charge of Department 56 for the past three years. A quick life recap: born and raised in the area, New Prairie High School alum, got married, had three great kids who are also great at getting hurt so, needless to say, I am well acquainted with the ER. We had a dog, lost a dog, now have another dog...his name is Brody.

I recently got remarried to this handsome guy and we will be happily celebrating our first wedding anniversary in October!

Between us, we have seven kids! My three and his four (cue “The Brady Bunch” theme song, sans Alice. Oh how I wish I had Alice, ha!) Also, we have a son-in-law and a daughter-in-law and, most importantly, two grandsons! Life is good!

So...why blogging, you ask? I'm asking myself the same question (lol)! Well, as I mentioned, I'm the Department 56 Collection Specialist and I will be using this blog as a platform to tell you about the exciting items that The Village Shoppes have to offer from Department 56 as well as give you ideas and tips for your own villages. With that being said, if you have a village at home and would like to share, we would love to see pictures! Please send your photos to thevillageshoppes@embarqmail.com and maybe you will see them in my next blog post!

Did you know that The Village Shoppes are the area’s largest Department 56 retailer? I just found this out myself! So, I hope you come in, meet me, and see everything we have to offer.

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