Tails from the Chairman of the Board!
A Dog's Tale

Tails from the Chairman of the Board!

Subtle Illumination

by Bella Sutton on 03/28/17

Enhance your home's decor with subtle illumination from this beautifully created, nature-inspired wall art.

Featuring 20 warm, white lights and a six-hour timer function, you'll transform uninspired wall space into a stunning forest landscape with this unique find from The Village Shoppes! (Battery operated with three AA batteries, not included.) (Each piece sold separately.)

Ooh La La!

by Bella Sutton on 03/20/17

Our new line of body fragrances from The Deborah Michel Collection were developed in England by a master perfumer.

Featuring an attractive purse-size tube to house the glass roller ball cylinder, this new line of exquisite perfumes is available in a variety of subtle botanical aromas, one that's sure to be perfect for you!

Welcome the new season with a refreshing, spring-like fragrance from The Village Shoppes!

These Picture Frames are Just Ducky!

by Bella Sutton on 03/13/17

Have you ever seen something and knew immediately that, there was no doubt about it, you must have it?! Well, prepare yourself for one of those moments right now!

The knobby knees and duck feet that these antiqued-metal, 4" x 6" picture frames are perched upon are what make them so compelling!
Add a whimsical touch to your favorite photos with these unique picture frames from The Village Shoppes (sold individually).

Seeing Is Believing!

by Bella Sutton on 03/06/17

If these beautiful images of our store's vignettes seem too good to be true, you better come in to The Village Shoppes and discover the truth for yourself!

Wallflowers Have Never Been More Appealing!

by Bella Sutton on 02/28/17

This exquisite home decor brings a whole new meaning to the term "wallflower"!

Sold individually, these resin flowers boast a silver finish, making them a striking display when arranged as a grouping or even when hung alone.

Be the first to entertain these "wallflowers" at The Village Shoppes!

Bella Says...

"So now I've been made into a wallflower. This is SO wrong."

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